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Approximately 50% - 90% of all change events result in failure.  Although organizations use successful tools such as Lean and other change techniques, they are disappointed in the results or outcomes. Corporations, businesses and other organizations understand the necessity of change but they often need assistance in implementing it effectively.

Simply put, most companies and organizations don't know how to develop effective change management plans.  While they may be excellent project managers, they don't understand the importance and the elements of an effective change management plan.

Change Management Training and Solutions provides the training necessary for companies to help in  effectively implementing transformational, incremental or continuous changes. Training is offered throughout the United States at the company site or at regional locations.

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Common Mistakes Leaders Make

  • Forgetting about the “people” who need to implement the change. If leaders forget about the “people” issues, the change will most often result in failure- decreased productivity, sabotage, increased absenteeism, and low morale.

  • Blaming human resources, other departments, upper management or others for the pending change. When talking with their staff, leaders often blame others. By blaming others, they create a dysfunctional and unproductive workforce that resists the change.

  • Failing to develop the coaching skills to help people through the work transition. Even when leaders recognize that their employees are struggling with a change, many leaders don't have the coaching skills to help the employee. This results in decreased productivity and in some cases, employees leave the company and seek employment elsewhere.

  • Neglecting to use “best practices” of planning and implementing change. Although leaders may be skilled at using continuous improvement or change tools, most leaders aren't cognizant of the best practices of planning for and implementing change. They don't develop a change and a communication plan, they don't acknowledge the “loss” of the previous business practice/strategy, and they don't celebrate the new change in a meaningful manner. Leaders often need training to manage people during change, to to develop change management and communication plans, and to learn how to coach and manage effectively during change.

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